Finance Lease

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Finance Lease

Flexibility is a key factor in the success of any business.  If your business needs an asset but would prefer not to purchase it outright, then Finance Leasing is the simple solution.

Simply choose the equipment you need, provide us with the supplier details and we will purchase it on your behalf.  We will then lease the equipment back to you for an agreed term with rentals being collected on a monthly basis.

Rental periods may be fixed or flexible and can be tailored towards cashflow and use of the asset.  Monthly rentals will be calculated to cover the full cost of the asset plus interest and may, in some instances, include maintenance costs.

At the end of the rental period, you can choose to:

  • Continue to lease the asset by entering into a secondary rental period
  • Return the asset to us and replace it with new or upgraded equipment
  • Sell the asset and retain a portion of the income from the sale
  • Return the asset to us and terminate the rental

Advantages of Finance Lease to Your Business

  • Protect working capital by accessing equipment quickly without any significant initial investment
  • Lease payments and periods can be designed to match cashflow
  • Decide the best option for your business at the end of the rental period
  • VAT may be reclaimed on monthly payments and rentals can usually be offset against pre-tax profit.

Interested?  Speak to a Simply Expert today on 0203 369 6000 to learn more about our Finance Lease options.

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