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British Farming and Agriculture has been surprisingly resilient during times of economic downturn and continues to show impressive growth.

Vital to the UK Economy, the industry’s diversity also results in demand for a variety of specialist inputs and services.

At Simply Asset  Finance, our team of Agricultural Specialists understand that  different types of farming often have different needs.  Our in depth knowledge of the sector can help you to overcome the daily challenge of improving efficiency to maximise potential growth.

As well as the vast range of new machinery and technology available, investment in Biomass to create reusable energy can reduce financial costs and in some instances even provide a source of additional income.

Whether you need new equipment to improve productivity or are looking to restructure your finances to improve cashflow, our range of financial products, including Hire Purchase, Lease and Equity Release, can be tailored to meet your needs within appropriate, manageable timescales.

Call us today on 0203 369 6000 and a dedicated Specialist will take care of the admin and structure the finance to give you the best deal.

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Type of assets we can finance for you include:

  • Biomass Boilers
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Farm Vehicles
  • Forestry Machinery
  • Milking Machinery & Equipment
  • Tractors


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Tel: 0203 369 6000

people making business work

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